Performance, Security and Audit as an All-in-One solution for SAP systems
Do not waste time buying 3 or 4 different solutions. Have in XCODESEEER everything you need at only one place.

Add value and subtract investments in your organization in a really short term

XCODESEEKER is a SAP Performance, Security and Audit Application Manager with an exclusive algorithm to find points of risks inside the SAP "Ecosystem". Its algorithm is based on: Quality, Security, Best Practices, Performance / Tuning and Auditing features.

Keeping things simple, we have years of experience in assisting companies find the perfect balance between Hardware and Software investments according to our client's needs. Our solution is tailored for any type of SAP projects, being small or simple objects as well as big an d complex projects with hundreds of objects and whole requests‏. XCODESEEKER has become synonymous in regards checking your deliverable-objects from your software provider.

We've gathered years of experience and knowledge which enable us to make the whole process uncomplicated. So simple in fact, we've managed to boil down the whole process of finding the perfect balance in three simple steps.

4 key main reasons to consider XCODESEEKER

1 - Hardware and Consulting Services costs can be avoided immediately
2 - Have a Performance and Security services as a permanent attention
3 - Avoid rework-investments
4 - Exclusive approach for IS governance (stay always updated)

Based on an Exclusive Algorithm our xcodeseeker agent is able to find details within the SAP environment and its Objects with possible Performance, Security and Audit issues providing related SAP notes for those objects and "State-of-the-Art" monitoring cockpit.

There are more than 600 consistencies available to setup and run!

Exclusive Binary Algorithm analysis for Old and New objects; Proactive Remote Services based Algorithm analysis; Monitoring for systems and Notes Solutions; Global Available 24/7 escalation procedures; Web portal Access; Workbench Request analysis; Automatic SAP notes relationship; Database issues Seeker Function; Security Compliance Seeker Function; Approval workflow for request release; Multi-users portal acess