100% of our customers agreed on performance, security and audit should be given a permanent attention. XCODESEEKER will be active for monitoring old and new objects.


Stay audited 365 days

A very pro-active and effective solution to give your company with a low-cost a real platform to be pre-audited 365 days (online) with more than 600 conflicts, including Segregation of Duties.


Avoid rework

The poorest investment for any company is the cost of rework arising from bad programing or project implementations which can become a business process slowness or even crash the servers.


About Us

We Are

XCODESEEKER CANADA has have years of experience in assisting companies find the perfect balance between Hardware and Software investments according to our client's needs. Also, All-in-One platform for Performance, Security and Audit monitoring.

Through our dotted-line company (COACH-IT CONSULTING) located in Brazil, Latin America and Europe, we can globally add value to our customers bringing right solutions and services to small, medium and large companies.

Preferred Partner


The SAP Services Partner Program recognizes exemplary companies with a track record of successful SAP Business Suite and other SAP solutions implementations. COACH-IT is foscused on bring high added value products and services to its costumers.

Our Team

Founded with a clear focus on SAP related technologies, XCODESEEKER has been helping organizations to optimize their business processes. The objective is always to ensure that tasks are carried out by the right people, at the right time, in the right order and with the right information.

Our projects or Solutions are characterized by a positive business case and a clear ROI. We ensure that SAP becomes more useful and user friendly being accessible and processes become more transparent.

Services and Products

We have years of experience with SAP ecosystem related techniques for Performance, Security, Auditing and inbound processes. We have thorough knowledge of the technical architecture as well.

SAP Support

Continuity of your business is the most importance to you. Your SAP environment must be running stable! Your own support organization often has its hands full and is limited in terms of staffing. In order to manage the management of your SAP environment in a solid and professional manner, XCODESEEKER offers various management subscriptions.